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We will be pleased to look over your wheels and check them on our jigs. We will then discuss the options and produce a quotation.


No job is too small or too much trouble, and our friendly advice is freely available for any wire wheel.


Please note that it is generally uneconomic to re-chrome old wheels. An exception may be the case of very historic vehicles where the preservation of original components is paramount.


New chrome wheels supplied at competitive prices. Specialists in the rebuilding of Borrani wheels for race, road use, or concours events.


We are happy to supply all wire wheel components, including balance weight pots, lead washers, and lead wire.


We undertake the restoration & refurbishment of all Borrani wheels for road and competition cars to the highest standard.


Since we do all the rim repairs and re-polishing in house we are able to fully control the finished result. We aim to preserve the original stampings as far as possible and deal with all the dings and scratches in a highly sympathetic manner, and can spend as much time as required in polishing between the dimples on those wheels which are built with them.


Our standard price takes this to a certain level and in cases where deeper corrosion means much more work we will advise and discuss what extra expense would be involved to go further.


Generally the undimpled wheels require less work and are priced accordingly.


We rebuild the wheels with polished stainless spokes and nipples and can fit new centres if required. Please contact us to discuss your wheels.


The Borrani company still maintain that stainless spokes are not up to the job but we believe that this opinion is based on problems caused by  inferior grade spokes that another company used some 30 years ago and is absolutely not the case these days. All our spokes are lifetime guaranteed.