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Hand built to order for any car Turrino’s Alloy Wire Wheels stand apart from any other wire wheel on the market through quality craftsmanship, pristine finishes and unique custom options. Light weight construction and build techniques improve performance, road handling and steering efficiency enhancing not only the look of your vehicle but also the driving experience. Take a look in our gallery to get an idea of the designs and styles that are possible.


Turrino alloy wire wheel rims are typically 3-5KG lighter than steel equivalents.


Acceleration is significantly improved due to the reduced rotational moment of inertia. A 4Kg saving on each rim (16Kg per car) will have the same effect on acceleration as lightening the car by 80-160kg! The rule of thumb is that each 1kg saved at the rim equates to 5-10Kg of static (car) weight. Remember – the moment of inertia is a product of the mass x the square of the radius so the bigger your wire wheel diameter & the wider the rim – the more you gain.


Steering input is more precise, with better turn-in due to significantly reduced gyroscopic effect of a directional change.


Roadholding & Handling benefit from reduced unsprung weight. The spring/damper combination works more effectively to keep the tyres in contact with the road. This is why alloy rims have been used on all top line competition and sports car since the 30’s. We have received dozens of unsolicited reports from owners who have been astonished at the difference our wheels have made to their driving experience of their road cars.

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